Too lazy to roll a joint or blunt. 

My depression medication.

Why couldn’t I have gotten paid TODAY so I can get a bottle of Merlot and drink it to the fucking head and smoke my blunt and pretend all is fine????

I can’t wait to move on Sunday. I’m gonna buy a fucking box and label it something relevant to put those things in and hide in one of the crates that will be holding my mattress off the ground.
High times in New Jersey. (Taken with GifBoom)

Being under the influence makes me affectionate, or horny rather…

Been blazed since 5.

Exactly what I needed.

Who sells bud near Hook Creek Blvd in Rosedale? I’m tryna be lifted.

Cookout today.

I’m actually looking forward to being around my family, eating, listening to music and enjoying each others company.

No, not my sisters. Fuck them bitches.

My cousins. Hopefully, they will all come.

And bring bud.

Pussy. Money. Weed.

This is what my summer needs to be like.

I’m overdue for a little substance abuse.

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