I’m tired.

I’m misunderstood and I’m tired of trying not to be.

I’m tired.

I wish your nails
Left scars
I’d wear those stripes with
Any day. Nostalgia (pt. 2) - M.A.
I still flip the calendar pages;
hoping to replay,
if I can just press the numbers of the date Hard enough. Nostalgia. - M.A.
I feel your grip on my heart loosening
while I’m still searching for yours. Heavy. - M.A.

It’s one thing to care about issues especially for issues that directly affect you but there is also a very thin line between being educated and being ignorant. Very. I’m so annoyed by some people, but let me stop because I’m sure my opinion is invalid enough for someone to chew my head off.

I must be a bad activist/organizer and not right with the movement… If there’s a such thing.

Everybody has to hate some group for some thing, that’s what makes the world go round, right? And you say you want peace…

I’m not sure if I really wanna date other people…

I mean I want to but, idk.

Having texting buddies is as intrigued as I am into dating other people.

This is sad.

I’m a lesbian of color with the only biggest white man obsession.

A blunt, Caribbean Food and Grey’s Anatomy on this rainy day y’all.

That’s all I need right now.

Who do you love?
Girl I see through your love…
Who do you love?
Or the thought of me?

Hold on to whatever you find, baby, hold on to what ever will get you through…

Good night notes. #goodnight #notes #insomnia #pain #thoughts #writing