I Need Some Great Natural Hair Blogs

I’ve been growing my hair out since Feb of last year and this has been a struggle. I have no clue what my hair wants :( So I need some guidance…

I found HeyFranHey just last night and that blog is amazing. I wonder if there is more…

Care to share some great natural hair blogs or even personal tips, if you have any?

Curly fro is back…and with new contacts! My head is pounding right now… (Taken with Instagram)
Femme My! (Taken with instagram)
My hair crush… She’s beautiful in general but I love her hair so much. (Taken with instagram)
I need to do something with my hair for the summer. I need protective styling for this mane on my head because I don’t make that much to maintain it and going natural is a trial and a half. .

Suggestions? Please help?

And if I should braid it, who knows places in NYC that does hair and provides it the hair for you? How much do they cost? Do they do it good? Let me know ASAP.

I am feeling my natural hair. This was a result of my twist-out/Bantu knot out. :) My hair is soft. :) (Taken with instagram)
This bush aint it yo… I want my hair to fucking hurry up and grow. (Taken with instagram)
Ugh. (Taken with instagram)