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People have lives too. Hearts are only but so big and but so genuine. So all the complaining and the “woe is me“‘s, don’t really do much does it? You’re not the only one struggling, and not everyone can pick you up. Build your muscle and your armor and let’s get the fuck up and do it ourselves because we were born alone, live in our bodies and our skin’s alone, and we are gonna die alone. No one can help you live your life. People are just accessories in it to make it easier or harder, fun and exciting or depressing and traumatic. People are there to love and care and hate and dislike. But the best experience you’ll ever have is just living. So live, goddamnit.

Music is what we need when language fails us, but we cannot remain silent. Cornel West (via abklynmyracle)
All I want is some good vibes and wishes sent my way.

I’ve been an activist/community organizer since 2008 as an active member of FIERCE. I’ve gotten the opportunity to hold many different temporary/internship positions despite the most recent one. I love the work that my community does to help build each others leadership and fight for change and I am beyond excited to take the skills and knowledge that I have and bring it else where. This year I have been thoroughly looking for opportunities in other organizations and have been able to have many interviews this summer. But the ones I have fell in love with the most is both Public Allies NY and YO S.O.S. (Youth Organizing To Save Our Streets).

While I am waiting to be contacted about next steps in Public Allies Matching Process since they have decided to move me forward on the waiting list, I have an interview with YO S.O.S. in the morning. Now, I have been studying and attempting to pursue a career in Criminal Justice since High School. And since falling in love with community organizing, I have been trying to find a tie between the two. Finding YO S.O.S.made me so happy. They work year long to build youth leadership and helping them to become organizers and help combat violence in their neighborhoods. I have thoroughly studied this program and the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center for weeks because I really would love to work with youth. I have found it to be something so near and dear to my heart.

This position I am interviewing for is the Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets & Community Programming Associate. This is a paid Americorps position. It doesn’t pay too much but the program is a year long and the experience and ability to work with more diverse people in a different field is all I care about.

Guys, I really want this.

I am just praying that all goes well at this interview and I am hoping that all of you will send good wishes and vibes my way.

After being outed yesterday and dealing with so much with my family lately, I just need something to grasp and call mine. I am hoping to move in with a friend at FIERCE next month, and hopefully find a job like this that I enjoy. I want things to turn around for me so bad.

This was a lot but these are my thoughts. If you read this, thank you.

So much good news…
  • Second interview with Midtown Community Court on Monday 
  • Interview with Transportation Alternatives for the New York Bike Ambassador position on Tuesday 
  • Interview with YO S.O.S. on August 16 
  • Public Allies Matching Fair coming up very soon. 

I am ecstatic and demanding the universe that I get one of these positions. Preferrably Public Allies. Things are looking up for the kid. Thank you Jesus.

"I wonder if my father will ever know how much I love him, and that I’ll never put another male or female above him…"

I’m not the most attractive person in the world and I don’t get all the attention in the universe…but the fact that someone believes differently and makes me feel like I am is the best feeling that anyone can feel. That’s true love.

She’s all I need.

Being under the influence makes me affectionate, or horny rather…

Being high makes me more aggressive.

Not going to Queens Pride. So much better things on my agenda for Sunday. I will be going to Brooklyn Pride next weekend though.

This weekend has been tiring thus far, but exactly what I needed.