@cheyumn and I… Looking stressed. (Taken with Instagram)
Blood currently boiling at 6:40 in the morning…

…infuriated with how they handled my homie Lee…

I need sleep.

I am truly working on my shadiness and how I feel about people but my goodness…

…I feel like I don’t want friends sometimes.

I have some horrible trust issues. I really do. I don’t even trust the people I fucking share the same blood with.

People don’t understand how overprotective I am with my feelings and my heart. I have been too vulnerable for too long. I am over that. 

Don’t mess with me. Keep it real with me. Please. I don’t ask for much.

I don’t feel appreciated in these friendships I have. I really don’t and I try to make sure everyone knows that there is love for them and that I appreciate them. I don’t usually put myself out there but when I do put myself out there, I don’t do it for people to do the little stupid things they do to me. I will question it. And I will hold on to it a little bit. And it will keep growing. 


Yeah My, maybe it’s that time to take some space to better yourself. 


I hate you My.  @abklymyracle (Taken with instagram)

*shrugs* LMAOIt is about time me and Lee spent time together like that. Weed, Alcohol and Strobe Lights.Cheers to the summer, Nigga! It’s going down.
High times.
  • Chey: My, come save me and I'll do your app.
  • Me: Stand your ground, girl.
  • Chey: I'm high, my ground is moving.
  • Me: Ok, stand your cloud then. LOL

I hate when I text someone and they ignore me the entire day but manage to update their social networks via mobile. :/

…and then they wonder why I don’t hit them up anymore.

You’ll never know someone until you KNOW someone.

I will never let someone get close enough to me to do the shit they do to someone I love and care about. I have trust issues. ISSUES. I don’t even like people. I am pretty misanthropic. My things is, if you hurt the people I love and care about, especially in the most heartless and selfish way, that means you fucked with me and my heart and feelings, and therefore, there is no game. There is war.

War is all I know. 

They say keep your friends close but your enemies closer. 

In that case, bitch, I’m fake.

Feeling froggy? Let’s leap.

I was born ready.

It’s taking a lot out of me to not do what’s on my mind right now. Want me dead? Fuck with my family or people I care about please. The government would have to reinstate a death penalty for me.

Boy, is he lucky that I care about my goddaughter having her father in her life…

I could have killed you years ago and smiled in my mug shot like a demon.

Don’t ask me if I love you. Love ain’t shit. Ask me if I’ll kill for you. Ask me if I’ll die for you.