Portrait of Tara. The radical outreacher.
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I love you Tara.
This year, we at FIERCE are thrilled to continue our free programming with a movie screening on Hudson River Park’s Pier 46. Safe public space is rapidly decreasing in the city. Free programming for the LGBTQ community is a crucial way to maintain the Hudson River Park as our safe space, while providing programming for a community that is often ignored. Come celebrate this amazing campaign victory with FIERCE, our allies and other community members while we watch CAMP! Tonight at 6!! Movie begins at Sundown!!! <3
For a quick trailer:

Flyer by Tiph.
Throwback: Staceyann Chin and I at the FIERCE Gayla 2010.
I was really shaking though. I love her. I was so happy. She’s remarkably amazing.

I got the Campaign Fellowship! I knew it was mine.

I know that like only two people applied and one was out of state, but I am still hype I got it!

So yay! I start Monday :)

Now to look for a permanent job.


The above chart breaks down many issues which lead to teenage trans* and non-conforming gender arrests and incarceration.
(from the PDF:

FIERCE’s Cultural Feast is an annual community dinner that celebrates the diverse cultures of our people. Come celebrate and get your grub on FIERCE style. Oh and don’t forget to bring a dish!
Today’s 4th Annual Bowl-a-thon… The Black Fairy of Dawn.
Tonight. I will be dressed in costume.