And I was not the only one.

I was not the only one to you.

So I was the only lonely one.

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Stop sneaking your
way into my poems.
Stop showing up in the last lines
when we both know you
never stayed to finish anything. Y.Z (via rustyvoices)

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Forgive the past. It is over. Learn from it and let go. People are constantly changing and growing. Do not cling to a limited, disconnected, negative image of a person in the past. See that person now. Your relationship is always alive and changing. Brian L. Weiss (via watchhisjawdrop)

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Our bodies could be skin on skin and I’d still pull you closer. (via missinyouiskillingme)

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Sometimes I just wanna fuck, and sometimes I wanna be in love, and sometimes I wanna be alone. (via ladsreligion)

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I suck at texting unless:
  • I am in a relationship with you
  • You are my mom
  • I need something
  • Me and you are close as fuck

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